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Twitter account NCOH: @ncohnl

In January 2016, NCOH’s own bilingual Twitter account, @ncohnl, was registered. With investigators in the field of one health as a primary target group, via this Twitter account relevant developments in the context of one health are highlighted.

By the end of 2018 the account had approximately 675 followers and close to 500 tweets had been sent out. Particularly successful (based on the number of impressions, defined as the number of times that users saw a tweet) in 2018 were the twitter campaigns related to NCOH-sponsored/organized meetings. To mention a few: (1) a series of 15 tweets related to the NCOH Annual Scientific Meeting (May 30) with over 35.000 impressions, (2) a series of 10 tweets on the NCOH symposium on bacteriophage therapy (Feb 22) with over 16.000 impressions, and (3) a series of 6 tweets at the NCOH Science Café of Nov 11 with over 8.000 impressions.

The Top-5 of most successful individual tweets during 2018 (based on impressions):

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A new NCOH magazine is out – edition #2 – 2019

The second edition of the NCOH Magazine has been published at the Annual Scientific Meeting at Radboudumc 17 may. Here is your chance to look at the digital version.


Disease X is not science fiction

Will we be able to respond adequately when an unknown virus with pandemic potential emerges? The recent outbreak of MERS in the Middle East was an interesting testcase. Martine van Roode and Carolina dos Santos Ribeiro analysed the factors that hampered, or enabled, the flow of information, in Qatar and the wider Arabian peninsula.


Erasmus MC professor elected as KNAW member

Erasmus MC professor Marion Koopmans, head of the Viroscience department at Erasmus MC and scientific director of the NCOH, has been chosen by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) as a new member.


Kick off Young NCOH network

Young NCOH is the network for PhD students and post-docs from the NCOH research groups. Aim of the network is sharing knowledge and expertise in One Health related disciplines, which can lead to new collaborations in research. The kick off of the network takes place at the Annual Scientific Meeting, 17 May 2019 (ASM2019).