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Symposium The clinical utility of bacteriaphages – 22 February

Bacteriophages received considerable attention in the lay press in the Netherlands recently. Their use was presented as the – logical and easily available – solution to the global crisis in antibiotic resistance. Since then, physicians have been confronted – on the one hand – with questions from patients with difficult-to-treat infections and – on the other hand – with critical comments from colleagues that the clinical benefits of phage therapy have not yet been firmly established. To provide the necessary evidence carefully designed clinical trials are needed. To optimally design such trials UMC Utrecht has invited international experts in bacteriophage therapy to present their experiences with this approach on 22 February in Utrecht.

The symposium is intended for medical doctors and clinical scientists with an interest in the topic of bacteriophage therapy.

This symposium is organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH).

More information about the programme and the way to purchase tickets: http://www.umcutrecht.nl/en/Research/Research-programs/Infection-Immunity/Symposium-the-clinical-utility-of-bacteriaphages.

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