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Successful webinar: No Rabies in 2030

On 7 October ‘To end human deaths by rabies in 2030’ was the topic of the NCOH webinar. Rabies kills one person every 9 minutes, with over half of them children. It is a zoonotic and viral disease which occurs in more than 150 countries.

Watch the recording on our Media page.

In her keynote Katinka de Balogh (Senior Animal Health and Production Officer / One Health focal point at FAO) Investment Centre the global strategy to end human deaths by dogs by 2030, while taking locale and cultural differences in to account.

Corine Geurts van Kessel (clinical microbiologist / virologist and head of laboratory serology & virus culture at the viroscience lab of Erasmus MC) showed us the mechanism of Rabies in the body. With the question: Why does Rabies work as it does? And what are the differences between rabies by dogs or by bats? And can we use these research findings to create other PEP’s, which could be more accesible.