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Status update and Follow-up Round Table NCOH One Health

In 2016, two Round Table discussions on One Health were organized by the NCOH and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and related Topsectors (Agri & Food and Life Sciences & Health). A wide range of international organisations from the human and veterinary pharmaceutical industry and companies from agri and food sectors were present at the meetings to discuss option for public private partnerships.

The first Round Table, held June 16th 2016, highlighted there is added value in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) that are formed in a true cross over between human and animal health in cooperation with the NCOH. In June it was mentioned that it is important to select topics that build on strengths of the Netherlands and offer a unique proposition internationally. At this first meeting with our stakeholders, different topics of importance were mentioned. It was decided that all participants would first define areas of joint interest in a so-called ‘one-pager’, which the NCOH would compile to a working document for future discussion. A series of ‘one pagers’ was received from the following companies: GSK, Elanco, DSM, Dutch livestock sector (Nutreco, LTO, DSM, Agrifirm), Zoetis, and MSD.

The follow-up Round Table was scheduled for December 6th 2016. For this meeting, in addition to DSM-Sinochem and the Chair of the Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP; Kees de Joncheere), Scientific Director of the NCOH, Annemarie Rebel was invited as a new guest. Anton Pijpers was present on behalf of the Supervisory Board of the NCOH.

In preparation for the second Round Table, the NCOH management team together with experts from both ministries compiled all the different topics, as mentioned in the ‘one pagers’ in a single document. Overall there are three main themes present in all the one pagers:

  1. The reduction of antibiotic usages and alternatives for antibiotics.
  2. The regulatory and societal acceptance of innovative solutions.
  3. Creation of a discovery ecosystem.

At the start of the meeting in December, the NCOH and its four Strategic Research Themes were first introduced shortly by showing a new NCOH promo movie. An independent consultant with great expertise in the field of One Health was asked to analyse the content of the one pagers ‘from an industries perspective’. The outcome of this analysis was presented by Anton Pijpers and used during the second Round Table to guide the discussions and identify common grounds for follow up. After hearing the view of the private partners, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Topsectors gave an expose of the various subsidies and financial instruments available in the Netherlands. At the end of the meeting it was concluded that within the scope of 1) the reduction of antibiotic usages and alternatives for antibiotics and 2) the regulatory and societal environment for adaptation of innovations, there were ample options for new public-private endeavours to be discussed in more in-depth early 2017. To this end, the NCOH will coordinate the follow-up with the Round Table participants and work towards an ‘industrial coalition of the willing’ on two or three topics for public partnerships. Moreover, Immuno Valley and HollandBIO will actively promote the involvement of SMEs from their networks in these themes and upcoming consortia. Finally, to further help narrow down focal areas, Round Table participants including the government also agreed to share a list of priorities based on their top five pathogens/solutions.

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