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PhD research presented during the Annual Scientific Meeting

In short pitches nine PhD’s from the NCOH organisations presented their research during the NCOH’s Annual Scientific Meeting on 23 June 2023 in Utrecht. The result was a diverse array of topics all gearing towards solutions for One Health challenges.

  • Noortje Dannenberg (Leiden University): Mycobacteria form viable cell wall-deficient cells that are undetectable by conventional diagnostics
  • Jurgen Moonen (RadboudUMC): The role of the Toll and Imd immune pathways in Aedes albopictus antiviral immunity
  • Coco Beudeker(UMC Utrecht): Monoclonal antibodies to prevent neonatal sepsis
  • Aram Swinkels (Utrecht University): Residues, recirculation, re-exposure and resistance. Why we need to consider the stability of antimicrobials in the farm environment
  • Alicia Maciá Valero (University of Groningen): Mining the Dutch yeast toxicome for new antifungals for agricultural and medial control of fungal pests
  • Emmanuele Munger (Erasmus MC): Surveillance for arboviruses in wildlife of the Netherlands
  • Carlotte Rozemond (RIVM): The silent pandemic: Antimicrobial resistance in the Caribbean area
  • Kees Mourik (LUMC): A viral metagenomics protocol as tool for pandemic preparedness
  • Marina Meesters (Wageningen University & Research + Utrecht University) Hepatitis E virus prevention in pig herds – compartmentalization is key

If you are interested in more PhD research, take a look at the NCOH PhD Research page.

And the winner is…

At the end of the Annual Scientific Meeting the audience voted for who they thought gave the best pitch. The most votes went to Marina Meesters with her pitch on How to protect spreading of Hepitatis E virus amongst pigs in farms and between pigs and humans and the key role compartmentalization play in prevention. She went home with the NCOH best pitch Award 2023.