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Save the date: NCOH Annual Scientific Meeting 2023

The NCOH Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 22 June 2023. More information will follow soon.


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Beijerinck Virology Prize awarded to Ron Fouchier

Ron Fouchier

NCOH Principle Investigator virologist Ron Fouchier has been awarded the KNAW’s M.W. Beijerinck Virology Prize.

PhD defence: Streptococcus suis and the piglet tonsillar microbiome

On 31 January 2023 Simen Fredrikesen successfully defended this thesis ‘The piglet tonsillar microbiome and Streptococcus suis disease’ at Wageningen University & Research.

NCOH Student Travel Grant

The NCOH awards a number of travel grants to PhD students of NCOH Partners selected to present their abstract at an international One Health-related academic conference.

Study in primary schools and nursing homes on effectiveness of ventilation and air cleaning to reduce spread of SARS-CoV-2

Ventilation and air purification can help reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus through the air in buildings. But what should these ventilation systems and air purifiers comply with to minimise spread? A collaboration of 20 partners will test the effectiveness of different systems.

Frank van Kuppeveld receives ERC grant to unravel virus production factories

Utrecht University’s professor Frank van Kuppeveld has received an ERC Advanced Grant for research into the life cycle of enteroviruses. These common pathogens have a major impact on society, among them are poliovirus, coxsackievirus and rhinovirus.

‘Youngest’ antibiotic kills bacteria via a new two-step mechanism

Scientists at Utrecht University have discovered a new mechanism of how antibiotics kill bacteria. The antibiotic teixobactin uses a dual molecular strategy: it blocks the bacterial cell wall synthesis and destructs the cell membrane, the researchers write in the scientific journal Nature. The new insights could enable the design of powerful antibiotics against which bacteria do not readily develop resistance.

Save the date: NCOH Science Café 3 November 2022 in Leiden

Get up to speed with the latest developments and meet fellow NCOH colleagues on One Health Day.