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Coffee with Jeroen den Hertog

Prof. Jeroen den Hertog, Managing Director at Hubrecht Institute has been a member of the NCOH Executive Board until recently. What does he think the future holds for NCOH?


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Update from the NCOH Executive Board

Read more about the continuation of Netherlands Centre for One Health, the webinars series and the Science Café, and collaborations during the current COVID-19 pandemic in the update of the NCOH Executive Board.

Machiavelli Prize for Koopmans and Gommers

The Machiavelli Prize 2020 has been awarded to professor Marion Koopmans, scientific director Emerging Infectious Diseases of the NCOH and Head of the Viroscience Department of the Erasmus MC, and professor Diederik Gommers, Head of the IC Department Erasmus MC. The prize is awarded annually for outstanding achievement in the field of public communication.

NCOH Student Travel Grant

The NCOH awards a number of travel grants to PhD students of NCOH Partners selected to present their abstract at an international One Health-related academic conference.

Save the date: NCOH Online Science Café ‘The Greening of Cities – One Health Challenges’

A remarkable NCOH year of new and important research. It’s time for an update! You and all NCOH scientists are invited to join the NCOH Science Café 2021 to get up to speed with the latest developments. This year’s theme: ‘Greening of Cities – One Health Challenges’.

NCOH webinar 18 March 2021 ‘WHO-study on coronavirus origin’

Not only Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove and Prof. Marion Koopmans, but also Dr. Peter Ben Embarek share their story on working at and with WHO and reflect on the world’s most important case of contact tracing.

Interview: CSI on nanoscale: ‘The body temperature tells me when the virus killed the bacteria’

In the last decade, bacteria-killing viruses have gained popularity as alternatives for antibiotics. Michèle Molendijk investigates the safety and efficiency of these bacteria killers as drugs.

Interview: ‘I already knew I wanted to be a virologist when I was fifteen years old’

Scientists study viruses and ways to combat them in petri dishes containing a flat layer of cells. Danny Noack builds ‘tiny human tissues’ to study viruses in a more natural environment.