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NCOH guest editor of NTMM

It was with great enthusiasm that NCOH took up the guest editorship of the September 2021 edition of the Dutch Journal of Medical Microbiology (NTMM).


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Missed the KNAW webinar on control and spread of coronavirus?

Several NCOH Principal Investigators gave an update from their medical-scientific perspective in the well-attended webinar The new coronavirus, from current threat to long-term lifestyle change on Tuesday evening 19 May 2020.

Infection from animal to human: ‘We play with fire’

The coronavirus is not an isolated case. Experts warn of the increasing risk of zoonoses, infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans. “Usually it ends well, sometimes it doesn’t.”

NCOH Student Travel Grant

The NCOH awards a number of travel grants to PhD students of NCOH Partners selected to present their abstract at an international One Health-related academic conference.

Interview: ‘A single nanobody could help us combat future viral outbreaks’

Iris Swart’s research focusses on llama-derived nanobodies – no, really. Specifically cross-reactive nanobodies, that target multiple viruses. They could be important to help make the world more pandemic-prepared.

Interview: ‘I found my sweet spot’

Initially looking at a career in drug development, Remy Muts’ interest in fundamental research finally brought him to where he is now: researching the complement system to find a possible therapeutic application.

NCOH webinar 7 October 2021 ‘No Rabies in 2030’

Rabies kills one person every 9 minutes, with over half of them children. It is a zoonotic and viral disease which occurs in more than 150 countries. In this webinar we hear from the experts about rabies and how to fight this virus.

WHO report: Europe urgently needs integral reform of healthcare, surveillance and governance

Prof. dr. ir. Louise O. Fresco, president of Wageningen University & Research (WUR), was part of the Pan-European commission on Health and Sustainable Development in this latest WHO report.