On 15 June NWO chair Stan Gielen announced that professor Marion Koopmans wins a NWO Stevin Prize. The Stevin Prizes are, together with the Spinoza Awards, the highest awards in Dutch science. Marion Koopmans will receive 2.5 million euros, which she can spend on scientific research and activities related to knowledge utilisation.

Marion Koopmans is professor of Virology at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and Scientific Director of the theme Emerging Infectious Diseases at the NCOH. Her research focuses on the transmission of viruses from animals to humans (zoonoses), and on the large-scale spread between humans (outbreaks and pandemics). She uses genetic information found in viruses in the form of DNA or RNA in order to map these infection pathways. The creation of worldwide networks to systematically control infectious diseases on a large scale forms the golden thread in Koopmans’ work.

Award ceremony in September 2018

The festive award ceremony of the Spinoza and Stevin Prizes will take place on Wednesday 12 September in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. During the ceremony, Marion Koopmans will explain her research to the audience and how she intend to use the financial part of her prize. The Spinoza Prizes this year go to professor Anna Akhmanova, professor Marileen Dogterom, professor Carsten de Dreu and professor John van der Oost. Professor Beatrice de Graaf also wins a NWO Stevin Prize.

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