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NOCH Media Award

NCOH Media Award

At the NCOH, we are working hard on conducting effective research into One Health questions by combining expertise. How obvious is that to the outside world? The research and the NCOH are being mentioned more and more often in interviews on the radio or in articles in journals—we are eager to build upon that with all of you!

NCOH research contributes to the health of humans and animals to resolve the societal questions associated with them. For this reason, the NCOH would like to encourage you to tell your story to the outside world. Are you a young scientist whose excellent research has been featured on radio, television, or in the newspaper, or do you know how to create significant impact on social media? If so, you may have a chance at winning the NCOH Media Award Incentive Prize! Contact the Scientific Directors for information about the various themes! Who knows, you may be eligible for the Incentive Prize and receive the opportunity to create a video about your research.

Furthermore, the NCOH will also be awarding an NCOH Media Award Recognition Prize. This prize is awarded to an NCOH researcher who has positively and effectively communicated their research to the public over the past year.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony for the NCOH Media Awards will be held during the Annual Scientific Meeting (date to be announced soon!).

More information on the criteria and nominations will be sent to you soon.