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Meet the all new Young NCOH Board

The new Young NCOH board was installed in June. Who are they? What are their interests and what do they hope to achieve?

Aram Swinkels

Aram Swinkels is researching “Antimicrobial resistance in relation to persistent antimicrobial residues after treatment of farm animals”. He is based at Utrecht University. During his MSc bacteria and antibiotic resistance triggered his interest. He hopes that the new Young NCOH board will organize great events for people to meet and share their knowledge.


Auke de Jong

Auke de Jong is researching “The emergence of multidrug resistant pathogenic yeasts” at Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute. Auke is appointed chair of the yNCOH board and in his role is looking forward to connect young researchers and to further expand the network of the NCOH.

Ayat Abourashed

Ayat Abourashed is researching the “Social Determinants of Disease Spread and the Potential of Citizen Science as a Surveillance Tool”, at Erasmus MC. She is part of the One Health PACT Consortium. She is happy to be on the yNCOH board and is looking forward to connecting all yNCOH PhDs.

Ling-Yi Wu

Ling-Yi Wu is researching “Prepared for anything: detection and interpretation of novel viruses by metagenomics” at Utrecht University. In this she can express and work on her passions: bioinformatics, data science, viruses, to come to a better world with science. She is in charge of yNCOH communications.

Luca Bordes

Luca Bordes is researching “Ex vivo models to determine genetic virulence factors of avian influenza virus” at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. He is excited to bring yNCOH members together and lift the yNCOH events to the next level.


Remy Muts

Remy Muts is researching “Improving the functional activity of monoclonal antibodies against Gram-negative bacteria”, at UMC Utrecht and took up the position of treasurer of the yNCOH board. He is looking forward to a community of young NCOH researchers, who contribute from their specific fields for the benefit of all.