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KNAW colloquium and masterclass “One Health Approach to Infectious Diseases” – 13-15 Februari

The Netherlands Center for One Health (NCOH) with the KNAW presents a colloquium on ‘One Health Approach to Infectious Diseases’ 14-15 Februari. This colloquium brings experts in the field of One Health together to provide an interdisciplinary perspective required to develop and implement durable intervention strategies for infectious diseases. The colloquium is preceded by a masterclass for PhD students on 13 February.

Many global challenges pose a risk to humans, animals, and the environment. An integrated perspective, a One Health approach, to tackle these challenges is required to generate successful solutions.

Programme Colloquium

The programme of the Academy Colloquium will highlight four challenges with a focus on infectious disease that require a One Health approach and will therefore be divided in four sessions each consisting of four presentation:

  • Emerging Infectious Diseases Preparedness – The fascinating world of EID research: a focus on bat-borne diseases
  • Healthy Wildlife and Ecosystems – Wildlife-related diseases and the environment
  • Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance – Understanding of the complex system of AMR
  • Smart and Healthy Farming – Improve the intrinsic properties of animals  to prevention of intestinal and respiratory animal diseases

Speakers Colloquium

Dr. Fred de Boer, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Prof. Sarah Cleaveland, Glasgow, United Kingdom, tbc
Prof. Peter Deplazes, Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Christa Ewers, Giessen, Germany
Dr. Corine Geurts van Kessel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Prof. Hajo Grundmann, Freiburg, Germany
Prof. Hans Heesterbeek, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Prof. Kate Jones, Londen, United Kingdom
Prof. Bas Kemp, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Prof. Richard Kock, Hartfield, United Kingdom
Prof. Dirk-Jan de Koning, Uppsala, Sweden
Dr. Charles Rupprecht, Philadelphia, United States
Dr. Willem van Schaik, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Dr. Lan Ge, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Prof. Mari Smits, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Dr. Gudrun Wibbelt, Berlin, Germany

Programme Masterclass

On 13 Februari, a one-day masterclass on the ‘One Health Approach to Infectious Diseases” is organized for 20 PhD students from any discipline related to infectious diseases and One Health. During the masterclass, a more in depth analysis will be provided on four topics requiring a One Health approach with a focus on infectious diseases. In preparation of the masterclass, students are given a specific infectious disease challenge as a case study and are asked to jointly prepare a short presentation. The topics are drivers and risk prediction of emerging infectious diseases, the relation of microbiome and general health to immune competence, and whether use of antibiotics in animals is a threat to human health. A multidisciplinary team of NCOH principal investigators will join to discuss some of their state-of-the-art research and discuss the work with the students in more depth and thereby exemplify the One Health approach to infectious diseases. The master class will be finalised through a central discussion session on the One Health approach to tackling the specific topics.


Please note that the Academy Colloquium and Masterclass are fully booked.



The Netherlands Center for One Health, Prof. Marc Bonten (UMC Utrecht), Prof. Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC Rotterdam), Prof. Andrea Gröne (Utrecht University), Dr Annemarie Rebel (Wageningen UR), Dr Jovanka Bestebroer (UMC Utrecht).