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Extended call for One Health applications for prophylactic vaccines and preventive strategies – A joint call by Netherlands Centre for One Health and Top Sector Life Sciences & Health

The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sees a possibility to allocate extra ‘Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Allowance’ budget to the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) for a small project within the NCOH-LSH One Health call 2019. This call involves strategic partnerships under the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH).

The research projects should fit within the NCOH Strategic Research Agenda and one of its Solution Sets ‘Preventive Strategies’ or ‘Prophylactic Vaccines’. All NCOH partners can apply for collaborative innovation projects; though specific NCOH consortium criteria must be met.

Funding conditions

Depending on the type of research (fundamental, industrial or experimental) and the contributions by private and public partners within the project, maximum of €375,000 PPP Allowance can be applied for. Submitted projects should have a total size of max. €1 million, including co-financing. An important condition is that an application must consist of a collaboration with at least one private party and an NCOH consortium of at least two contributing NCOH partners with multiple PhD students, befitting the NCOH research programme. The actual PPP Allowance will only be determined after the Health Holland Match call (round March 2020) is finalized and if enough financial means are available for his call.

More information

Please download the One Health call 2019 description and read more about the call and the requirements for applications. Please note that in this March 2020 round there are two exceptions to the call text: the maximum PPP allowance is €375.000 and the deadline for final applications is 18 March 2020.

The call application form and annexes are the same as for the PPP Allowance Match Call ( The NCOH advises applicants to use the services of their own Partner Organisations (e.g. experts from research support office, technology transfer office (TTO) or a lawyer) for details on the call and writing of the proposal. Additional NCOH information can be requested through Vincent Rijsman, of the Veterinary Faculty Utrecht University, who functioned as the liaison between NCOH and Top Sector LSH.


Applications can be submitted until 18 March 2020 (12.00 CE(S)T) to Jovanka Bestebroer by the main applicant.

If you will be submitting a proposal, we ask you to send us (Jovanka Bestebroer) the title and a brief summary (250 words) of your application before 23 February 2020, as reviewing timelines after submission are limited. Please also include a brief description of your consortium (partners and organisations) and the resources of the (minimal) two PhD projects that (will be) are part of the NCOH programme. Please indicate if partners are already aware of the model consortium agreement of TKI-LSH and are willing to sign these terms and conditions in respect to the proposed collaborative research and development. On the basis of this abstract we can contact and allocate reviewers; on the basis of the consortium and PhD projects we can perform an eligibility check on the NCOH criteria. Application deadline for the complete proposal is 18 March 2020.