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Pandemic research center opening in Rotterdam

Erasmus MC and the municipality of Rotterdam with the partners TU Delft and NCOH are together opening the Pandemic Disaster Preparedness Center, a research center aimed at making sure the Netherlands is better prepared for future disasters. Ernst Kuipers of the national acute care network LNAZ and Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb revealed plans for the center on talk show Jinek on Thursday.


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NCOH webinar 28 January 2021 ‘What about avian influenza?’

The bird flu that is now raging in the Netherlands is not dangerous for humans. But scientists say they are waiting for a new variant that can be fatal. Netherlands Centre for One Health organises a webinar to gain more expert insight in this type of flu.

Missed the NCOH webinar about Silent pandemic: Antimicrobial Resistance? Watch the recording here!

In the past months Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) has been hosting a series of scientific lectures on COVID-19. This time not the current pandemic, but a silent pandemic, the antimicrobial resistance, was put in the centre of attention. If you missed it, you can find access to the full webinar recording and the presentation slides here.

NCOH Student Travel Grant

The NCOH awards a number of travel grants to PhD students of NCOH Partners selected to present their abstract at an international One Health-related academic conference.

NCOH webinar 19 November – Silent pandemic: Antimicrobial Resistance

In the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week the Netherlands Centre of One Health organises a webinar about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), the silent pandemic.

From Wildlife Market to Wild Financial market 29 October: Annual Scientific Meeting

By joining forces we are building a better future. Pandemics will continue to emerge and spread rapidly due to globalization, pressure on our natural world, environmental degradation and dwindling biodiversity. Together we can address this global #onehealthchallenge!

Dr. Myrna de Rooij wins award for best thesis!

The annual award for best thesis in Public Health, awarded by the Dutch Congress for Public Health, was awarded to our own Young NCOH alumna: Dr. Myrna de Rooij.

Coffee with Annemarie Rebel

Prof. Annemarie Rebel leads the Animal Health and Welfare Department within Wageningen University & Research. She is also Scientific Director Smart & Healthy Farming at NCOH. During a digital coffee she talked about her work and her interests.