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Post-Doc position available at Deltares / Leiden University

One Health PACT has a 4 year (maybe 5 year) postdoc position available @ Deltares/CML focusing on landscape scenario modelling for vector borne diseases.


Using fungi to search for medical drugs

An enormous library of products derived from more than ten thousand fungi could help us find new drugs. Researchers from the group of Jeroen den Hertog at the Hubrecht Institute, in collaboration with researchers from the Westerdijk Institute and Utrecht University, have set up this library and screened it for biologically active compounds. They have already found various known compounds, among which the cholesterol lowering drug lovastatin. The library of fungal products offers ample opportunity to search for new drugs. The results of this research were published on the 26th of November in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.


Selection process PhD candidates

Interest in the One Health PACT (Predicting Arbovirus Climate Tipping points) was great with 680 unique applications. This means, the selection process has been a bit delayed.


One Health PhD programme in Edinburgh and Leiden

NOW RECRUITING – New PhD programme run jointly at the University of Edinburgh and Leiden University Medical Centre on Integrated One Health Solutions. Deadline for applications 28 November 2019.


NCOH Student Travel Grant

The NCOH awards a number of travel grants to PhD students of NCOH Partners selected to present their abstract at an international One Health-related academic conference.