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KNAW and NCOH in partnership: a logical next step

KNAW joins with three institutes. What do they do? Interview with Professor Jeroen den Hertog (representing KNAW).


Coffee with Menno de Jong, AMC Partner Representative in the Executive Board NCOH, Professor of Clinical Virology at the AMC

Interview with Menno on his work, emerging infectious diseases, and importance of the NCOH in enabling the necessary collaborations to tackle this.


Coffee with Marion Koopmans

Yes indeed, on June 2, 2017 our top scientist Guus Rimmelzwaan has been awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, a German prize worth 5 million euros.


Coffee with Dick Heederik

Before January made way for February, we took one last opportunity to talk about New Year’s resolutions and the challenges facing us in the coming year. Dick Heederik, Chairman of the Executive Board of the NCOH, sees many such challenges in the near future.


Coffee with Martin Scholten

The Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) brings together academic research institutes in the Netherlands and aspires to provide a trusted launching platform of an excellent standard for public-private partnerships in the international One Health research field. Martin Scholten, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, sets out his vision in this regard.


A cup of coffee with Marc Bonten

Marc Bonten

Almost four months have passed since the launch of the NCOH in The Hague. From the outside it may have looked as if all “remained quiet at the NCOH front”. Yet, I dare say that inside NCOH activities have exploded. On behalf of the Scientific Board, let me share with you the latest exciting developments.