Interview: ‘I like to uncover what lives where and under which conditions’

Sam Boerlijst has started in track 15 of One Health Pact: Experimental work on effects of global change scenarios on vector population parameters – At LUMC.

Hi, I’m Sam, and I am 24. With a never ending thirst for knowledge and coffee, I like to uncover what lives where and under which conditions. This is why my interest lies in population dynamics and protocol development for environmental sample collection methodologies.

In February, I started my PhD at the Institute of Environmental Sciences in Leiden, where I work on mosquito population dynamics by use of mesocosm experiments. I recently moved to Leiden, and I am lucky to be able to do the majority of my experiments at our field station, the Living Lab, even with the current restrictions. For these experiments, I am currently collaborating with Louie Krol (PhD track 12), Charlotte Linthout (PhD track 13), Rody Blom (PhD track 1) and Anniek de Jong (Deltares).

During my off-time I like to be outside, do small electronics projects, program microcontrollers, make music, draw and paint.

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