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NCOH webinar: COVID-19 in mink

First NCOH webinar on World Zoonoses Day, 6 July

The first webinar in this series will be about the current research regarding COVID-19 on mink farms. This spring, SARS-CoV-2 has infected Dutch mink farms that raise the animals for fur. The mink SARS-CoV2-outbreaks are a zoonotic spillover from the human SARS-CoV2 outbreak. It offers Dutch scientists a unique chance to study how the virus jumps between species and rapidly spreads through the mink population. The infected mink could have become a viral reservoir that could have caused new outbreaks in humans.

Date: Monday 6 July, 15:00 – 16:00 hours

Soon you will receive an e-mail with the possibility to register. After registration you receive the link to the webinar.

Program webinar “COVID-19 in mink”

15:00 Opening by Prof. Dick Heederik, chair NCOH Executive Board
SARS-CoV-2 clinical and pathological presentation in mink
Prof. Wim van der Poel, Wageningen University & Research
Development of the virus and spillover from human to animal and vice versa
Dr. Bas Oude Munnink PhD, Viroscience Department, Erasmus MC
Fighting COVID-19 in animals and humans, a One Health approach
Prof. Arjan Stegeman, Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University
15:45 Panel discussion
16:00 Wrap up

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