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NADP Voucher Event

A new funding opportunity, the NADP Vouchers, will become available this spring!

To get you fully updated on this novel funding opportunity, the NADP organises the NADP Voucher Event on 22 May 2018.

During this event you will gain insight in the three different vouchers that will be launched and the process for application. As part of this event, the NADP will organise a market place to provide you with excellent opportunities to meet law firms, contract research organisations and other stakeholders that can be your partner for the awarded vouchers.

The NADP Vouchers will support drug developers in research and industry to bring their novel antibiotics and alternatives a step closer to the clinic. The voucher system focusses on support in drug discovery and development with 1) Legal Vouchers, 2) TTO Support Vouchers, and 3) Lead Development Vouchers.

More information

More details on the NADP Vouchers and the NADP Voucher Event will become available through the upcoming NADP newsletters and the NADP website.