Impact NCOH

The challenges we face concerning health and environmental issues with regard to infectious diseases affect daily life.

  • Our job: to explore and prioritize research gaps through a One Health perspective
  • Our goal: to create durable solutions
  • Our focal concerns: emerging infectious disease outbreaks, antibiotic resistance, including veterinary and environmental factors

Our research and results also affect daily life: solutions to global one health challenges!

We do so by

1. Research

Identify and prioritize research gaps in the One Health field of infectious diseases, including veterinary and environmental factors which impact these diseases, and advocate the resulting scientific research agenda - both at the scientific and the policy level.

A group of related NCOH PhD projects on One Health research topics are initiated yearly.

2. Knowledge sharing

Provide a national coordinating platform for One Health research through exchange and discussion of scientific research, progress, and future actions in an international context.

Create, synergies, and facilitate the sharing of data between researchers and research groups in order to train future scientists.

3. Visibility

Enhance communication and dissemination at national and international level via the NCOH website, newsletters, support of scientific meetings, magazines, and several social media channels with i.e. infographics.

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