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About Netherlands Centre for One Health

Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) aims for an integrated One Health approach to tackle the global risk of infectious diseases. NCOH commits to create durable solutions for this major challenge by bundling world-leading academic top research in the Netherlands in the area of One Health.

Infectious diseases: a major world-wide public health threat

Infectious diseases form a world-wide threat to human and animal health. Prevention and the control of infectious diseases outbreaks is an important societal challenge. Another grand challenge is posed by antibiotic resistance. Prevention of resistance and development of novel therapeutics and treatment strategies is of world-wide importance. As the causes and possible solutions also include components of healthy farming and healthy wildlife and ecosystems, a One Health approach is required to solve these major societal challenges.

NCOH Partners

NCOH brings together academic research institutes in the Netherlands that are active in One Health research together with other leading parties to forge an open innovation network with the capacity to take joint responsibility for finding answers to global One Health challenges.


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In pursuit of durable solutions to grand societal challenges requiring a One Health approach.