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One Health PhD programme in Edinburgh and Leiden

NOW RECRUITING – New PhD programme run jointly at the University of Edinburgh and Leiden University Medical Centre on Integrated One Health Solutions. Deadline for applications 28 November 2019.


Young NCOH Perfect Pitch

Preceding the NCOH Science Café in Utrecht, Young NOCH hosted a masterclass by Kick Moors titled: ‘To be a Scientist, and how to pitch it’. Here, twenty young researchers became increasingly aware of their motivation to be a scientist, and how to translate this into the ‘perfect pitch’.


Interview: Functional consequences of gut microbiome and resistome dynamics

‘During my bachelor I started learning how bacteria play a role in our environment, but also in our bodies. I was amazed to learn that bacteria are present in such large numbers and with high diversity, thereby forming complex ecosystems. Nevertheless, we know little about the microbial interactions that take place and how this affects us.’


Interview: Exploring the flow of viruses at the human-animal-environment interface: Towards One Health Preparedness

‘During 2007-2010, there was a huge Q-fever outbreak with more than four thousand cases in the Netherlands, that was originated from dairy goat and sheep farms. Further investigation of infectious disease at animal-human interface is warranted. Follow-up epidemiological studies observed an excess pneumonia risk in residents living close to farms, however the mechanisms behind remain unknown.’


NCOH bundles One Health top research

The Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) aims for an integrated One Health approach to tackle the global risk of infectious diseases. NCOH commits to create durable solutions for this major challenge by bundling world-leading academic top research in the Netherlands in the area of One Health.

Young NCOH

Young NCOH is the network for PhD students and post-docs from the NCOH research groups. Aim of the network is sharing knowledge and expertise in One Health related disciplines, which can lead to new collaborations in research.

Complementary research themes

The 4 NCOH strategic research themes are complementary and interactive. They focus on studying the interactions and connections between human, veterinary, wildlife, and environmental health in pursuit of durable solutions to grand societal challenges requiring a One Health approach.

NCOH is partner in the Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP).

NCOH infographic