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Register now for the Annual Scientific Meeting, June 19th 2017 Corpus Leiden

With great pleasure, we invite you to the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) that takes place on Monday, June 19th, at Corpus in Leiden.

The meeting is aimed at researchers from our Partners and Associates that are involved in all the NCOH Strategic Research Themes. We particularly encourage young researchers (PhD students, postdocs) to join this meeting. This is an exclusive invitation only event. The event is free of charge but registration is required via the email that you have received in your email box. If you would like to attend, but did not receive an invitation please contact us via [email protected].

Please find the detailed programme here.

In the plenary morning session we will host two keynote lectures by prof. Ab Osterhaus and prof. Hans Heesterbeek. In the afternoon, there will be two thematic parallel sessions where various research projects will be highlighted. This will be followed by a networking event where we aim to stimulate collaborations between the NCOH themes.

We hope to meet you at the symposium.

More News

European 'One Health' action plan to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

European Commission adopted a new "EU One Health Action Plan to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance" (attached). The Action Plan is underpinned by a One Health approach that addresses resistance in both humans and animals. In parallel, the Commission adopted the first deliverable of the plan: EU Guidelines on the prudent use of antimicrobials in human health.


NCOH-partners participate in One Health European Joint Programme (EJP)

The NCOH-partners Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UMC Utrecht, Erasmus MC and Wageningen University participate in several One Health EJP projects, together with RIVM and Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. This will further intensify the collaborations within the Netherlands and strengthen the position of the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH).


Successful first Annual Scientific Meeting in Leiden

The first NCOH annual scientific meeting, organized by Leiden University and the LUMC on June 19th, was a great success, with about 120 people attending, and many new contacts and connections made.


57 ideas for prevention or reduction of antibiotic resistence

In the second round of the programme Antibiotic Resistence 57 project ideas were submitted. These projects will contribute to the prevention of reduction of antibiotic resistence, with the ‘OneHealth’ approach and behavioural changes as possible perspectives for research.

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