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Prior to NCOH Science Café: NCOH Theme Meetings 8 December 2017

Prior to the NCOH Science Café on 8 December 2017, NCOH-EID and NCOH-SHF Theme Meetings will take place.


Register now for NCOH Science Café 8 December 2017

Another NCOH year, many of you are involved in exciting and important research. It’s time for an update! You and all NCOH scientists are invited to join the NCOH Science Café 2017, to get up to speed with the latest developments and meet fellow NCOH colleagues.


Coffee with Menno de Jong, AMC Partner Representative in the Executive Board NCOH, Professor of Clinical Virology at the AMC

Interview with Menno on his work, emerging infectious diseases, and importance of the NCOH in enabling the necessary collaborations to tackle this. According to Menno the NCOH can be a pressure cooker for effective utilisation of knowledge and expertise that exist in the Netherlands, which is not being utilised to its full potential to jointly find answers to the pressing questions in this changing world.


NCOH bundles One Health top research

The Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) aims for an integrated One Health approach to tackle the global risk of infectious diseases. NCOH commits to create durable solutions for this major challenge by bundling world-leading academic top research in the Netherlands in the area of One Health. This virtual science-driven institution focuses its efforts on 4 complimentary strategic research themes.

Read our One Health Magazine

In this first edition of our One Health Magazine:

  • Preface by Edith Schippers (Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport)
  • Interview with prof. dr. Heymann
  • Interviews with Scientific Directors of NCOH

Complimentary research themes

The 4 NCOH strategic research themes are complimentary and interactive. They focus on studying the interactions and connections between human, veterinary, wildlife, and environmental health in pursuit of durable solutions to grand societal challenges requiring a One Health approach.

NCOH is partner in the Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP).

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